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Frequently Asked Questions

We recognise that not all circumstances are the same and not all locations warrant the same patient charges. We would therefore build this in the practice development plan.

It is sensible to create a base within 1 practice. If you decide then to invest in a 2nd practice, it would be wise to maintain presence in the 1st practice and offer some sessions in your second practice. This is to allow associate dentists to be supported and settle in. We would create a business development plan for you allowing you not to spread yourself too thin. Our approach is to ensure stability and growth for both yourself and our JV practice.

Absolutely! As an associate dentist, you can choose to become a partner with us. You do not need to be an existing practice owner to become a partner with us.

Yes you can. We will undertake a mapping exercise and needs analysis and establish whether the location would be good for a new squat practice. Arrange a call and let’s have a chat. You don’t need to disclose your location until you want to.

Yes you can. Your options are that we buy a new practice together separate to your existing one, or we buy into your existing practice. We can discuss these options over a simple phone call.

Don’t worry, relax! We can offer you flexible share options ranging from 10% to 50% to the value of your investment. You then have the option to buy further shares up to 50% in the future.

Simple – get in touch. Call, email or complete the form and we’ll arrange to call you back.

If any of the locations have a freehold purchase option, then yes you can.

That’s the spirit! We would like you to be motivated enough to see the sky as your limit. If after the first JV practice, you want to invest in a 2nd practice, this is what we encourage. There is no limit in the number of practices you can invest in. The only limitation, is how hungry you are.

You can! There is no tie in so you are free to sell your shares whenever you want. The share value would be at market value. Vice versa, if you wanted to buy the Synergy shares, we can discuss this over a coffee!