Practice Support

Dental Practice Support

Our support system has been tailored to offer each one of our partners reduced burden of back office admin as well as to strategically drive your practice growth. This allows our partners to enjoy what they enjoy most.

This could be hands on clinical dentistry, further career development, focus on teaching others, or grow your network of practices.

Our Central Support HQ include a team of experienced and highly trained experts to support each one of our partners in running and building a successful business.

Clinical Governance - Hard work

Clinical Governance

Every one of our practices have a BDA Good Practice Award and are CQC Certified.

Synergy understands the commitments and energy required to meet and implement current Department of Health regulations, including best practice standards whilst managing your own practice, patients and continuous personal development.

To provide a safe, consistent and high quality service, we have created bespoke Clinical Governance systems to allow each one of our practices to meet and implement Health & Safety regulations including:

1) Implementations of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) requirements in England and Wales.

2) Infection Control Requirements – Essential and Best Practice in HTM 01-05

3) GDC Standards Guidance

4) IRMER Regulations

5) Risk Assessments and Clinical Audit

6) Health and Safety Policies

We have a dedicated team of staff who will initially implement our Clinical Governance framework at each new practice and then train both you and your team be able effectively manage and implement the systems through our bespoke practice management software.

If you are a young practitioner aiming to provide your patients safe and the very best treatment, you must firstly understand and implement Clinical Governance policies and protocols. This may take you years even with the appropriate level of mentoring. However, Synergy Dental recognises this and have developed a programme to help you understand, implement and coordinate a safe and highly effective practice.

This means that you are able to spend more time and concentrate on providing clinical care for your patients. Leave the hard work to us.

Our dedicated Clinical Governance Manager will support you through any Clinical Governance Requirements e.g. NHS practice Inspections, BDA Good Practice Award, IT Governance etc.

Staff Training & Development

Our Educational Supervisors as well as lead clinicians, nurses and managers provide training and support for all staff members.

Whether you want to develop professionally, clinically or enhance your management skills, our dedicated team will ensure that you are fully equipped to be able to provide a range of dental services as well as run a successful business.

As a Head Dentist at your new Franchise practice, you will be trained on the following:

1) Dental Sedation Mentoring.

2) Dental Implants Mentoring with accreditation from the Association of Dental Implantology (ADI) for Implant Mentoring.

3) Advanced Treatment Planning skills.

4) Preparation techniques for Crown and Bridgework.

5) Practice Management and Business skills.

6) Personnel Management including Appraisals and Recruitment.

7) Mentoring on becoming an Educational Supervisor (Vocational Trainer).

8) Support and development services for Dental Nurses and Admin Staff.

All our dentists meet at our Head Office monthly for a ‘study circle’ where we have the opportunity to train advanced skills such as Implants and Advanced Restorative via our LIVE Video and training facility.

If you want to learn more about our complimentary accredited training courses, click here:

Head Dentist Support Advance

Head Dentist Support

We support our Head Dentists with both clinical development to advance their careers further, but also through business support. Our partners become Head Dentists at the practice such that the practice is steered through clinical leadership.

A Practice Manager supports the role of each Head Dentist on site as well as a Head Receptionist and a Head Nurse on site. This leadership structure is then supported through our Area Management and Central HQ team.

Allowing our partners to concentrate on clinical dentistry whilst everything else is taken care of. Our wide mix of clinical expertise ranging from experienced Implant mentors, Sedation clinicians, Endodontists, Oral Surgeons and Restorative Dentists allows you to be supported clinically – you are not alone.

Often, practice owners cannot really ‘switch off’ from professional life, whether this is on evenings, weekends or during their vacations. Having a robust system and dedicated team structure, allows our partners to enjoy a very healthy work-life balance.

Our partners as Head Dentists have access to monthly P&L’s, practice KPIs and more from our integrated management systems from anywhere, anytime.

Marketing and PR - Effective

Marketing and PR

In a highly competitive market place, effective and strategic marketing campaigns are crucial in being able to develop successful practices. We have invested thousands through our expert Marketing Team who ensures that we stay at the cutting edge of social media; online marketing; high Google rankings and SEO; branding; print and design services; service advertisement; community awareness; political input as well as patient feedback and testimonials to ensure that each practice is delivering the highest level of care for all our patients.

We produce highly effective press advertisements; high quality leaflets and brochures; well established websites; education to local schools and other PR activity to raise the profile of our trusted brand. Each site is visited by our Marketing Manager regularly to ensure that local strategies are implemented and tailor-made. As a new practice owner, you will benefit immensely with our current marketing and PR profile.

Each practice receives new NHS and private patient enquiries daily and we register on average 200 patients a month. So you can concentrate on treating and providing a great dental service for your patients.

We have a very strong digital presence including Social Media and work closely with influencers.

  • Dedicated Marketing Team (SEO, Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Social Media Manager, Content Writer etc)
  • Generic National Advertising
  • PR Activity
  • Social Media Page Management (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)
  • Graphic Designing
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Website Development and Maintenance
  • Website Hosting
  • Branding
  • Content Writing
  • Online Reviews Management
  • Awards Entries Management
  • Newspaper ‘Ask the Expert’ editorials
  • Bespoke Marketing Material and campaigns
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Videography

From Digital Marketing to offline PR, we have it all covered. Building a team culture is our biggest strength. When you join our team as partner, you will be part of our fun, loyal and highly energetic team. Our staff are the backbone of our team, and as such, we look after them very well. Some of the perks are:

  • Events Calendar for individual teams and the group for personal and social development
  • Annual Awards Ceremony to recognise the best in class.
  • Friends and Family Dental Plans
  • Access to Synergy’s Personal Fitness Trainers and Nutritionists.
  • Access to Synergy’s Sports message and Therapy treatments.
  • Access to Synergy’s ‘beauty pamper days’
Information Technology - Effective

Information Technology

Effective IT systems are key and the backbone for any successful business and service. Synergy has therefore developed its own bespoke Information Technology systems to be able to offer each practice the ability to record and access Clinical Governance Systems; Practice Accounts; Personnel Management and Appraisal; Clinical Audits and Risk Assessments; Marketing Profile and Results; as well as the ability to communicate promptly with each clinician or senior staff at other Synergy Branches.

This has been made possible by cloud computing and data sharing technology. Our investment in Information Technology has allowed data recording and monitoring by a central team as well as secure communication between branches. This ensures that the daily, weekly, and monthly activities are recorded, analysed and finally reported to our central management team on aspects of business management. Clinicians are also able to share clinical opinion and offer indirect supervision on treatment plans and cases on this secured platform from any other branch.

We also work closely with Dentally, at each site allowing excellent support services for our patient dental records. Further, our bespoke preventative patient treatment plan IT system allows practitioners to deliver the most appropriate preventative treatment plan for patients implementing NICE recall guidance and the Delivering Better Oral Health Toolkit.

Each J V Partner has access to the full dashboard on practice performance from anywhere at any time from their mobile or desktop device in real time.

  • Dedicated IT Manager for internal support
  • Implementation of the full IT Network
  • Centralised Patient Management Software Updates
Property Services and Development - Bespoke

Property Services

Development of a successful business relies on the acquisition of the most appropriate location for delivering our services.

At Synergy, our experienced acquisition team of property specialists ensures that not only do we locate a property which has maximum impact on the local market, but also organise and manage the following:

  • Bespoke Architect Practice Designs.
  • Planning Consents including Building Regulations and Signage Consents.
  • Contarct Management of Practice Refurbisment
  • Security
  • Ongoing Property Maintenance
  • Lease and Rent Negotiations
  • Practice Design

Synergy Dental’s practice design was developed by a professional design consultancy and incorporates the professional requirements of our dental partners.

Our contemporary design takes into consideration the patient journey, feedback and warm and welcoming environment. We understand the importance of customer service and patient well-being. Thus, this ethos has been integrated into our design philosophy.

We can use our expertise to design a bespoke practice design and branding for your personalised brand.

Accountancy and Legals - professional

Accountancy and Legal

Our Central Accounting Management ensures accurate and comprehensive information, essential for a successful business. Our accounting team provides our partners with the following support services:

  • Monthly Profit and Loss Summary
  • Payroll PAYE Returns & HMRC Filings
  • Daily Cashing Up and Banking Verification
  • Invoices Payment
  • Practice Performance Data
  • We also offer financial support to our partners for new or further acquisitions of dental practices
  • Our Partners have access to the Practice KPI’s anytime, from anywhere
Business Management - Control

Business Management Support and Software – SynPro

Our partners have Control when they want, where they want it. We understand that every business needs to measure performance and to monitor aspects everything from Governance, HR, Accounts and results of marketing campaigns. We give you this control at your fingertips. With our bespoke Management Software that has integrated all aspects of business management, you are able to monitor and control the performance of your practice.

  • Regular Industry Updates and Intelligence
  • Mystery Shopper Audits
  • Business Planning and Financial Forecasting Support
  • KPI Dashboards and regular Health Checks
  • Approved Suppliers for the best terms
  • Ongoing Negotiations
  • Support with Procurement for New Dental Contract Tenders
  • Support for locating new Practice Acquisitions to develop and grow your group practices.


Call Centre - Team

Central Call Centre

Our Clinically Led Central Triage and Treatment Coordination Team ensure that your practice appointment diary is well managed.

  • Central Call Centre for appointment diary Management
  • Patient Coordination and triage centrally
  • Central Admin Support for Incompletes, Recalls, Debtors
HR -Support

Human Resources

Our team of HR specialists work with each one of our practices to offer Recruitment and Retention processes for your team. Our HR team liaise closely with your Practice Manager and line Managers and yourself to ensure a smooth running of the practice. Some of the functions are:

  • Dedicated HR Manager
  • Support the Recruitment of Dentists, Nurses, Receptionists, Practice Managers
  • Staff Appraisals support
  • Staff Contracts and Employment Law
  • Staff Motivation and Team Events
  • Staff Disciplinary Support
  • Internal communications Network
  • Dedicated Regional Receptionist for reception Support
  • Dedicated Regional Nurse for Nurse Support
  • Dedicated Area Manager for Practice Manager Support
  • Dedicated Regional Dentist for Dentists support
  • Staff Handbooks
  • Staff Folders for records and compliance