The Dentist – Is it time to switch implant brands?


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Synergy Dental Group discusses how its preferred implant brand has helped its practices.

We have seen Straumann become the powerhouse brand for dental implants in all our practices. The brand promotes confidence amongst our patients, thus making each implant enquiry a walk in the park.

Our CEO and head implantologist, Zuber Bagasi, trains and mentors dentists with implants alongside a team of other mentors. Together as a group of clinics, we treat thousands of implant patients every year, with Straumann being one of our strongest brands of choice. As such, we are one of the largest providers of Straumann implants across the north west.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have positively steered our ship in line with the ever-changing guidance given, bolstering our marketing efforts and becoming more online friendly. Patients were very quickly able to see dentists virtually and they stayed in touch with our team throughout lockdown. This meant when our doors officially reopened to the majority of patients, we were already several steps ahead to book them in to see our highly skilled dentists, especially for dental implant consultations.

Stepping away from the pandemic, implants have become extremely popular in all of our practices. Not all of this is down to our marketing efforts either. The dentists themselves have become very well-known and they established themselves quickly within the practices. Word-of-mouth is an effective marketing tool, so the abilities of our dentists together with the strength of the Straumann implant brand spread rapidly. We find that a lot of patients do plenty of research regarding which implants are the best quality – a bit like shopping around for a sports car. The deal clincher is often our dentists’ experience and the quality of care provided in all of our practices.

There are three ingredients needed for any dental practice to succeed. Coinciding with our highly trained staff and dentists, we feel proud to have found three key pillars: management, training and 13 years of tried and tested experience. Without this core, we feel we couldn’t offer brands such as Straumann so confidently across all of our practices.

So, what’s the final icing on the cake? JV, or Joint Ventures for those who don’t know yet. Here at Synergy Dental we have already built a successful dental group with huge amounts of success through teamwork and support. Zuber Bagasi, Synergy Dental Group CEO, has made it possible to channel his 13 years of experience within the industry to help new and existing practice owners grow, whilst leaving you in full control of your business.

The system we use is called SynTrain, an accredited training platform that allows for unique, online training, as well as one-to-one mentorship for various roles across the clinical setting. Alongside our in-house departments such as marketing, IT, business intelligence, accounts governance and training, we offer more to help your practice flourish with our very own business management software, called SynPro. In essence, you’ll have various teams within the group that will help you get a step closer to creating a well-oiled machine. It’s a tried and tested formula that has provided the perfect foundation for success over our 13 year, continuously growing tenure.

With this in mind, it is essential that oral surgeons are not simply saving costs by employing a cheaper implant system or reducing their fees. It is essential to rely on skills developed through appropriate training and support and to be able to offer the premium implants systems such as those from Straumann. Many patients really appreciate the additional benefits that a system such as this can offer them.

If you feel you could benefit from Zuber’s experience and the level of clinical freedom we offer with our JV schemes, get in touch with one of our helpful representatives by filling out the form at the bottom of our ‘For Practice Owners’ page. We want to know more about you, your practice, and how we can plan for your next steps to success!