The Impact of Digital Dentistry


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Implantologist, Zuber Bagasi, discusses why his dental group has continued to embrace digital dentistry.

Digitalisation is multifaceted, and it’s driving social, political, and professional change through the incorporation of new, sophisticated technologies. For some, this change might boost their online connectivity. But for those in various sectors of the health care industry, like myself, we are benefiting from the onset of brand-new technology that is able to improve the patient experience, how effective we’re able to treat our patients, and the training and professional development of other dental staff.

Part of the reason why the Synergy Dental team are so passionate about embracing digital dentistry is due to its ability to drive and improve practical changes for everyone. Ultimately, these effects can benefit efficiency within our practices. The quality of care made available to patients has increased tenfold.

Digital dentistry

Just like other healthcare providers, dentists have a main focus on the health and wellbeing of our patients. We are able to do this much more efficiently with the use of specialist equipment. But keeping our practice well managed will ultimately yield the most improvements. Therefore, Synergy Dental is proud of running and keeping our practices in order with CRM software. It allows for the seamless integration of different duties of practice life that require managing. And it allows them all to be regulated from one platform. Everything from patient management and effective appointment scheduling, each practices’ workflow is far more streamline when using software like this.

Embracing the future of digital dentistry has contributed tremendously to the success of Synergy over the last decade. We’ve grown successfully during this time because of our efforts in ensuring Synergy staff are working to their best standard…


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